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Flame pos

You need help with a POS System?

Flame is a cloud based point of sale ( POS ) that help your business grow and shine , Our tailed System Provide you With all tools needed to keep your business running and operating perfectly.

Recipe Management System

Flame POS eliminates unnecessary waste by preventing human errors in your Cooking process which Save production time and material cost , also it keeps control of material weighing tolerances by giving you a detailed reports with your remained quantities in grams and Milli liters . Overall waste is reduced, Revenue is maximized, and the need for costly rework is avoided with Flame Recipe Management System.


Lotus Milk Shake , Pick and Stay Cafe 

Beautiful smart Asian young entrepreneur business woman owner of SME checking product on stock and write on clipboard working at home. Small business owner at home office concept.

Inventory Management

Screen your stock levels and never forget about stock.

Set stock level warnings and check your stock online whenever you want. You’ll never run out of any ingredient or be a food waster, as you’ll be buying early.


Waiter And Kitchen Screens

Avoid order mistakes and delays and increase efficiency in the kitchen.

Requests are sent directly to the Kitchen Display System to stay away from human mistakes. At the point when requests are changed the application immediately notifies kitchen staff, diminishing any food waste.

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Table Management Module

Deal with your place traffic and set the correct atmosphere by assigning clients to the correct tables, so there is space for everybody.

Minimize Clients Waiting time and Increase your Revenue by giving your customers a great experience in your place.

Flame Timeline

The Cup
3 Stores
Cup 13
4 Stores
Pick And Stay
2 Stores
Side Shop
1 Store
Top Print
1 Store
1 Srore
May 15, 2020
June 30, 2020
June 10, 2020
June 20 ,2020
June 25, 2020
july 10, 2020

Flame Demo

Just Access this link and you will be able to have a premium full experience with Flame POS

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